Van Wassenaer Wytema

Van Wassenaer Wytema Personal Injury Lawyers and Mediators is a law firm that offers legal support to victims of accidents and medical negligence. Working in close consultation with our clients and their families, we search for ways to help ease their lives and deal with the consequences of their misfortune, and to guide them through the often bewildering landscape they find themselves in. The solutions we seek are tailor-made for each client. Whether consultation with the liable party is friendly or hostile, whether resolutions to disputes are found in mediation or in court, we will not hesitate to seek justice for our clients.

Our office is managed by Geertruid van Wassenaer and Evert Wytema, two highly experienced and competent lawyers. Both have been active as lawyers in their field for more than twenty-five years, and are members of Letselschade Advocaten (LSA), the Dutch association of personal injury lawyers, Advocaten voor Slachtoffers van Personenschade (ASP), the Dutch association of plaintiff lawyers, the Pan European Organization of Personal Injury Lawyers (PEOPIL) and the Mediators federatie Nederland (MfN). We attend to our clients by listening closely to their needs and ensuring fast and effective settlements. Our vast experience makes us exceptionally skilled at finding workable solutions to our clients’ problems. We also have access to an extensive network of professionals, including medical counselers, labour experts, and occupational therapists, whom we can engage to further help our clients.

Vereniging van Letselschade Advocaten LSA ASP (Advocaten voor slachtoffers van personenschade) PEOPIL (Pan European Organisation of Personal Injury Lawyers)Kies uw letselschade advocaat  

We can be reached on business days from 9 am to 5 pm at the following address

Villa Vredenburgh
Kleine Houtweg 113
2012CE Haarlem

+31 (0)23 820 06 91

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