Working memory training for cognitive complaints

Besides physical injuries, cognitive complaints can also occur as a result of an accident. Cognitive skills such as concentration, planning and memory are things we do not constantly think about in normal daily life (unconscious processes), but when problems with these functions occur, they can seriously hamper daily activities. Missing appointments, forgetting keys and a passive or avoidant attitude towards tackling problems are a few examples of how things can go wrong.

Training by an experienced Cogmed coach

Fortunately, good treatments exist today to reduce these symptoms. One such treatment is Cogmed Working Memory Training. Working memory is the system that stores and processes information briefly. You use the system in remembering instructions, solving problems and maintaining concentration. The training improves these functions.

The training lasts 5-10 weeks and consists of daily exercises on the computer. The exercises are adaptive and adjust to the (maximum) working memory capacity. This means that your working memory is challenged as much as possible every day, which will lead to improvement after a few weeks.

Weekly guidance by Sabine (Cogmed coach) during this programme is important to be able to draw the right conclusions from the results and graphs of the exercises. She can also provide additional support, motivation and guidance.