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Experienced Injury lawyers, mediator and psychologist

Van Wassenaer Wytema Personal Injury Lawyers and Mediators is a law firm that offers legal support to victims of accidents and medical negligence. Working in close consultation with our clients and their families, we search for ways to help ease their lives and deal with the consequences of their misfortune, and to guide them through the often bewildering landscape they find themselves in. The solutions we seek are tailor-made for each client. Whether consultation with the liable party is friendly or hostile, whether resolutions to disputes are found in mediation or in court, we will not hesitate to seek justice for our clients.

Our office is managed by Geertruid van Wassenaer and Evert Wytema, two highly experienced and competent lawyers. Both have been active as lawyers in their field for more than twenty-five years, and are members of Letselschade Advocaten (LSA), the Dutch association of personal injury lawyers, Advocaten voor Slachtoffers van Personenschade (ASP), the Dutch association of plaintiff lawyers, the Pan European Organization of Personal Injury Lawyers (PEOPIL) and the Mediators federatie Nederland (MfN). We attend to our clients by listening closely to their needs and ensuring fast and effective settlements. Our vast experience makes us exceptionally skilled at finding workable solutions to our clients’ problems. We also have access to an extensive network of professionals, including medical counselers, labour experts, and occupational therapists, whom we can engage to further help our clients.

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About us

Our experts in injury law

Geertruid van Wassenaer letselschade expert

Geertruid van Wassenaer

I have been working as a lawyer since 1986, specialising in the field of insurance law, liability, and compensation from the start. After working for Beer Lawyers in Amsterdam for 15 years, I started my own practice in 2014 with my collegue Evert Wytema.

Letselschade advocaat Evert Wytema

Evert Wytema

I was sworn in as a lawyer in November 1986, on the same day as my collegue Geertruid van Wassenaer. After a long period in general practice and bankruptcy law, I began to specialize in personal injury law and worked with Beer Lawyers for ten years (from 2004 to 2013).

Letselschade advocaat Clara Tilanus

Clara Tilanus

For our clients, who have endured serious and often traumatic events, I find that professional guidance combined with personal attention is very important.

Advocaat Haarlem Josefien Gunnink

Josefien Gunnink

It is my mission to help my clients as much as I can. That starts with building a good relationship.

Onze expertise

Traffic accidents

Pedestrians and cyclists in traffic are vulnerable because motor vehicles can pose a great danger to them.

Medical liability

Our firm has extensive experience in settling cases against hospitals and doctors.


Mediation is not about legal positions but the story behind them. It is wishes and interests that count, not who is 'right'.

Partial dispute procedure

Sometimes it is necessary to litigate in court in your case against the insurance company.

Airplane disasters

We have been involved in the settlement of several aircraft accidents on several occasions.

Accidents at work

If you suffer damage while carrying out your work, for example because you fall from a scaffold or because of a faulty machine, it is referred to as an industrial accident / accident at work.

Criminal case

We regularly assist clients in the criminal case against the perpetrator who caused injuries.

Liability for animals

In principle, the owner of an animal is liable for damage caused by that animal even if he is not at fault for the animal's behaviour.

Liability in sport & play

If you are injured in a sports and games situation, different rules apply than in normal liability law.

Berievement damage

The loss of your loved one through someone else's fault is devastating. Death is part of life, but when it could have been prevented, grief becomes raw.


EMDR is a therapy for processing traumatic events. As a result of such an event, you may experience physical and (intense) emotional reactions.

Recovery coach

Besides the financial and physical consequences, an accident or experiencing a medical error can also have an emotional, social and psychological impact.