Traffic accidents

Injuries sustained in a traffic accident? The Van Wassenaer Wytema team can help you. We guide you through the maze you have landed in, with legal assistance, a listening ear and customization.

Pedestrians and cyclists

Pedestrians and cyclists in traffic are vulnerable because motor vehicles can pose a great danger to them. This is why they have been given a special position in our law. If they are involved in a collision, for children up to 14 years of age, 100 per cent of their damages are always compensated (the hundred per cent rule). For those aged 14 and over, they are at least 50 per cent compensated on grounds of fairness. Often, even here, it is possible to arrive at a higher percentage. Under what circumstances this is possible, we will be happy to explain to you in a no-obligation intake interview.

Occupant of a car

If you are a passenger in a car and get into a collision, you are eligible for full compensation unless there are special circumstances, such as not wearing a seat belt or riding with a drunk driver.


If you are a driver of a car involved in a collision and are yourself the perpetrator, take a look at your insurance policy conditions. You may have included this risk in your cover. If so, you may be entitled to compensation. We can assist you in determining the extent of your damages. The costs will be borne by the insurer.

Culprit drives on

Many people do not know that a special rule applies in case a motor vehicle causes damage and then drives off without leaving any details. If you report the incident to the police within 14 days of the incident, you can then appeal to the Motor Traffic Guarantee Fund. They will then take care of the damage and we will be happy to help you.

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