Personal Injury Lawyers

Geertruid van Wassenaer

I have been working as a lawyer since 1986, specialising in the field of insurance law, liability, and compensation from the start. After working for Beer Lawyers in Amsterdam for 15 years, I started my own practice in 2014 with my collegue Evert Wytema. I am registered as a mediator with the Netherlands Mediaton Institute (NfM). I also act as substitute judge at the Rotterdam Court (Dordrecht), where my knowledge and experience in disagreement procedures is especially helpful. I am also on the editorial board of the journal Verkeersrecht (Traffic Law), and have taught courses and given lectures widely in my specialty.

I assist many children with serious injuries, and their parents. When I work with my clients, I am often deeply moved by the way they face their predicament. Many children cope with their situation with the most amazing and inspiring courage and resiliance. It gives me the greatest satisfaction to be able to support them and to help them in what can seem like hopeless situations. I am especially touched when a trusting relationship develops between my clients and me. It is wonderful to see them pick up their lives with such spirit, discover new and promising avenues, and steer their lives in the direction they want to go.

Evert Wytema

I was sworn in as a lawyer in November 1986, on the same day as my collegue Geertruid van Wassenaer. After a long period in general practice and bankruptcy law, I began to specialize in personal injury law and worked with Beer Lawyers for ten years (from 2004 to 2013). I have cooperated extensively with lawyers from abroad (for instance, while working for victims of the Turkish Airlines crash at Schiphol Airport in 2009), which has broadened my view and contributed to my expertise. In addition to working in the field of personal injury, I have been involved with the Dutch Association for Lawyers, and am active in the Dutch Association of Plaintiff Lawyers (ASP). Since 2013 I have been secretary of De Stichting Fonds Toegang tot het Recht (, a foundation for legal aid. I am also active in various social organisations, including serving on the supervisory board of Public Housing and Social Welfare.

I am dedicated to guiding my clients through a particulalry vulnerable period of their lives with clarity and compassion.

Pauline Woudenberg

An accident can derail someone’s life. Everyone has their own personal way of coping with loss. To me, this is what makes it extraordinary to work with victims of personal injury. It takes an extra amount of involvement, determination and resourcefulness for a lawyer to bring a personal injury case to a good end. Not only am I committed to reach the best possible solution, but my purpose is also to enable victims to take back control of their lives so they can move on. 

I started studying law to make a substantial difference for people in a vulnerable position. I always kept this in mind, focussing on people-oriented fields of law. After obtaining my Master’s degree in Health Law, I first started working as a lawyer in social and labour law. During my studies I did internships at several organizations, including a forensic psychiatric clinic, a prison and a law firm. Now I put my heart and knowledge into working for Van Wassenaer Wytema.   


Bart Endeman

One does not suffer injury, hardship, or loss by choice. An accident can happen to anyone and if it does, it can greatly impact someone’s life. What draws me most powerfully to my work as a lawyer in personal injury cases is the support I can give people who are trying to regain their strength and rebuild their lives.

Every case has a personal story that I draw on for inspiration. My sense of justice, coupled with my drive and perseverance to get to the bottom of issues, guide me as I fight for the most righteous possible outcome for my clients.

During my study of criminal law and private law, I both clerked in court and interned at law firms. After taking my degree, I worked for the national Violent Offenses Compensation Fund, which supports victims of violent crime. To handle claims in a just way, it was my responsibility to find out the facts of each case and, most importantly, to listen closely to people who had been victimized by violence. This experience has shaped me in a way that serves my current work as a lawyer for Van Wassenaer Wytema.