It is regularly seen in the news that people who have suffered injuries are caught up in years-long battles with insurers. The process of claim settlement and resolution is bogged down and bogged down. Lengthy legal proceedings seem to be the only way out, something nobody wants.

Such a news report is basically a victim's cry for help. It can also be done differently. For here, mediation could be the solution. If a case lasts longer than three years, the victim may ask for mediation by a mediator. Usually, the insurer agrees, as there is obviously a desire on that side too to resolve the case. As an MfN registered mediator, Geertruid van Wassenaer has already brought many seemingly unsolvable cases to a successful conclusion.

What is the secret of mediation?

Mediation is not about legal positions but the real story behind them. It is wishes and interests that count, not who is 'right'. As a result, mediation often leads to creative solutions that would not be possible through the courts, but which everyone still agrees with.

During mediation, it often turns out that lingering discussion points can be clarified by taking time for each other and exchanging information. The parties actively listen to each other's story and gain an understanding of each other's situation. It is as if they climb a difficult spiral staircase together and, once at the top, suddenly see the solution looming very easily.

Often, within a day, they manage to solve the case together and let both parties go home feeling relieved. So this is how it can be done!

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Would you like to submit a request for mediation? You can do so by e-mail using the button below.

We would like to receive the following information in advance:

  • details and names of all parties/participants involved
  • dates of the next three months
  • proposal for a location (e.g. a Van der Valk hotel near the place of residence of the victim)
  • brief description of the dispute

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