Sabine Gigengack

The great thing about the office is that we can support our clients in different areas, because with our expertise we cover multiple disciplines.

As a ‘recovery’-coach (herstelcoach in Dutch) and psychologist I have experience with trauma processing. I can apply various methods, including EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing). I focus is primarily on processing the (accident) trauma, so that feelings of anxiety and re-experience decrease. Then I investigate together with the client what else is needed to be able to accept the new situation. I try to form a bridge between the old and the new situation. Together we look at what is possible, what drives a person and how can he or she develop further. This creates a suitable plan of action, on the basis of which someone can give direction to his or her future. 

There is no standard solution, because the ‘standard’ person does not exist either: I always adapt my methods to the person that is in front of me. 

In addition I help clients when they need practical support in the context of their personal injury case. After all, after experiencing an accident a lot happens to a person and then it can be helpful to get a helping hand in collecting and organizing documents and information.   

Also, I have been supporting our lawyers at the office for several years now, so this knowledge and experience comes in handy as well.


BSc, MSc Psychologie (Vrije Universiteit)

Qualified ('recovery') coach (Quasir)

Qualified EMDR practicioner (Take Off Support)

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Herstelcoach Sabine Gigengack

Sabine Gigengack