Do I qualify for free legal aid in a personal injury case?

Legal aid paid by the Dutch Government may be possible. If you want to apply for governmental legal aid, your income and equity must be below a certain level (see, which will inform you if you are entitled to a subsidy). Your lawyer can submit an application to the the Legal Aid Council for you. The Council will primarily focus on your income and equity over the past two years, and will examine information from the tax authorities. Please bear in mind that if the Council finds that you are entitled to subsidized legal fees, you will also be required to contribute (the amounts will be determined by the Council). Also, the subsidy will not cover all the costs for which you are responsible, including medical counselors’ fees and Court Registry fees.

You are not entitled to the subsidy if a party acknowledges liability because the counterparty is obliged to pay for your legal assistance. Neither are you eligible for governmental legal aid if you receive a considerable amount legal insurance.

The Dutch government intends to make drastic cuts in governmental legal aid in the future. Please make sure you are fully informed of the latest changes to the law before you file your application.

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