In the case of personal injury, what steps will be taken on my behalf?

Step 1: Seek acknowledgement of liability.

You will only receive compensation if somebody admits liability. The first step is to hold a person or organisation liable and ensure that the counter-party acknowledges the claim. Generally, the liable party has insurance and his insurer will pay your compensation. Good legal groundwork will often force the liable party to admit liability. If the counter-party refuses, however, a lawsuit must settle the disagreement.

Step 2: Acquire medical information.

Medical information is of vital importance in any personal injury case. Once liability is acknowledged by the counter-party, we will collect full medical information about your case and evaluate it in close cooperation with our medical advisor. The information will help us assertain the extent of your injuries and necessary treatments. The liable party (in most cases an insurance company) will then submit the data to their own medical advisor. In the final stage of the process, you will very likely be asked to undergo an examination by an independent physician (called a medical expertise), who will answer all questions essential to your claim. This examination will only take place once your own doctor declares that your medical condition has stabilized.

Step 3 : Determine the preliminary and final level of compensation.

After the extent of your injury has been determined, it is important to evaluate its impact, not only on your ability to work but on your home life. We will pay you a visit at home to assess the situation, prepare an overview of the financial consequences of the accident, and ensure an adequate preliminary payment. After you have recuperated, your work and home life have stabilized, and you have been reintegrated into your normal life as much as possible, we will be able to ascertain the lasting consequences of your injury and calculate the correct final compensation due to you.

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