Onze expertise

Letsel kun je op veel verschillende manieren oplopen (ongeluk met auto, op werk, door een arts etc.). Daardoor is geen letselschadezaak hetzelfde. Onze advocaten hebben de ervaring in huis om u de juiste hulp te bieden.

Traffic accidents

Pedestrians and cyclists in traffic are vulnerable because motor vehicles can pose a great danger to them.

Medical liability

Our firm has extensive experience in settling cases against hospitals and doctors.

Partial dispute procedure

Sometimes it is necessary to litigate in court in your case against the insurance company.

Criminal case

We regularly assist clients in the criminal case against the perpetrator who caused injuries.

Airplane disasters

We have been involved in the settlement of several aircraft accidents on several occasions.

Berievement damage

The loss of your loved one through someone else's fault is devastating. Death is part of life, but when it could have been prevented, grief becomes raw.

Liability in sport & play

If you are injured in a sports and games situation, different rules apply than in normal liability law.

Liability for animals

In principle, the owner of an animal is liable for damage caused by that animal even if he is not at fault for the animal's behaviour.