Pauline Woudenberg

An accident can derail someone’s life. Everyone has their own personal way of coping with loss. To me, this is what makes it extraordinary to work with victims of personal injury. It takes an extra amount of involvement, determination and resourcefulness for a lawyer to bring a personal injury case to a good end. Not only am I committed to reach the best possible solution, but my purpose is also to enable victims to take back control of their lives so they can move on. 

I started studying law to make a substantial difference for people in a vulnerable position. I always kept this in mind, focussing on people-oriented fields of law. After obtaining my Master’s degree in Health Law, I first started working as a lawyer in social and labour law. During my studies I did internships at several organizations, including a forensic psychiatric clinic, a prison and a law firm. Now I put my heart and knowledge into working for Van Wassenaer Wytema.   

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